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Pics With Our New Sailor

Here we are all anxiously waiting for Brian to come out of the gate after graduation so we can have him all to ourselves on Liberty!

Graduation Day Brian was in his Dress Whites.

The next two days he wore his Peanut Butter Uniform...I can't remember what it's really called.

Here is the NWU, or Navy Working Uniform, sleeves down and sleeves rolled. He can only wear this outside when he's in class or on duty. 

He prefers the sleeves rolled .

Then came the family photos 

and the photo bombs.

PIR 7-11

This past weekend, after eight long, short weeks, our son Brian graduated from Navy boot camp.

The graduation ceremony is called Pass-In-Review, or PIR.  Although it was moving, I really can't remember much of it!  There was a stirring drum cadence as all 50+ flags of the states and provinces were marched in and paraded.  

Then the divisions marched in, one at a time.  There were seven in all, and Brian's was the last to enter.

This is his Divisional Flag, designed by the sailor recruits themselves.

I was standing right in the front row.  The sailors marched right past me, but I didn't see Brian even though he walked right in front of me.

Andy pointed him out to me later.

They wheeled around into formation and took their place for the graduation ceremony.  When they were standing at attention, Brian wasn't visible.

But when they stood at parade rest, we could see him.  He kept shooting winks in our direction! 

After Liberty was called, the families flooded the parade hall floor to find their new sailors.  There were more than one marriage proposals that took place at that time.

All for the Sacred Heart of Jesus, all through the Immaculate Heart of Mary, all in union with Saint Joseph