Thursday, February 2, 2017

January Snapshots Part 1

I don't post a lot because every day is pretty much the same, especially in winter.  At any given time, 2/7 of the kids at home are sick, and we pass it around like a hot potato.  I was at the doctor yesterday with Clare, and I'm going again in an hour because it hurts when Noelle breathes in.  Normally I'll doctor a cold at home, but I have found that painful lungs are nothing to mess with.

Poor Noelle with Bowie, her favorite stuffie in the world

We're in the thick of swim season, with practice 4 nights a week and a swim meet on most Saturdays.  This will continue through March.  Regina joined the team this year, and she's doing very well, although she hates the repetition of practicing.  She's now able to put her face in the water, and she's working on diving, though it's difficult to dive while holding your nose with one hand!


We have snow flurries off and on most days, although the total accumulation hasn't amounted to much and it usually all melts in between snows.  There has only been one snowfall decent enough to play in.

That snowball maker that Philip is holding?  He calls it Crabby and he carries it everywhere, picking up things and snapping at people.  It's really loud.

Noelle's bed was against a window and it was really drafty - she often had to climb in with Natalie in the middle of the night because she was too cold - so we took advantage of an evening when swim practice was cancelled, and rearranged their room.

Natalie's half

Noelle's half

Pretending to be asleep....

 To be continued...

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Maverick's Second Month (captioned by Kirsten)

December 30, 2016

December 31

Jan 1, 2017
5 weeks old

Jan 2, 2017

Jan 4
The face I make when Mommy laughs at me

 Jan 6

Jan 8

January 8

Maverick & Aunt Noelle

Boy, this kid can SLEEP!

Jan 13

Jan 14
Belly full of milk and sleeping with a smile.

Jan 15
When I ask Maverick if daddy is bad.
Jan 16
My little monster. 💚

January 19

Slept the entire flight again but decided to poop as we were getting turbulence and descending. Changing diapers on airplanes is not fun!

January 28
He just loves to have his picture taken.

January 28
Together we make a family.

January 30
Today I turned two months old! I am a strong little man. When I get mad, I love to throw myself around and head butt whoever is holding me. I also like to kick and punch to show I'm very happy and excited. I love to stick my tongue out and blow bubbles. I always try to stand when I'm picked up and I get mad when I can't look around. I talk and laugh a lot more now and I still eat like a piggy. I have also flown four times in less than two weeks and for all of them, I slept. I got to see daddy one last time for awhile and I was so happy to see him! ☺️ We love you, Maverick. You are growing into such a lovable and sweet little man! ❤️

Maverick's First Month. (captioned by Kirsten)

Maverick James 
7lbs 7oz and 20 1/4 inches
Went in at 2am this morning to be sent home with no change. Woke up to contractions at 3 mins apart and thought I just had to poop. The lady told me to just wait a little longer and I waited two more contractions before I made Brian take me around 7am. Ended up being 6cm dilated and everything went into craziness. They took me to a room to prep me for an epidural and never got it because by 8:30am, I wanted to push lol. They checked and he was lip. About 10 mins later, they broke my water and now our precious son is finally here! 💙 You were so stubborn throughout my pregnancy but gave me such a quick and easy labor! We love you baby boy! 

1 day old

2 days old

5 days old

7 days old

9 days old
Maverick's first bath. He hated every second of it. He first peed all over the floor before I got him in and then afterwards, pooped while in his towel. Needless to say, his one bath turned into two!

First visit to GrandDad and Pat's

10 days old

13 days old

2 weeks old

15 days old

16 days old

17 days

20 days old

22 days old

23 days old

24 days old

Maverick gained back his weight and then some. He now weighs 8lbs 5oz! 
He also grew a quarter of an inch. He's still my peanut though.

December 24, 2016
25 days old

28 days old

December 29, 2016
Our little man is one month old today! He loves to smile and laugh and he loves when you give him raspberries. He has started to "talk" and loves to talk to you at 3am when you want to sleep. He also likes to yell at you, too. He has an obsession with corners and ceiling fans and will stare at them and creep you out. He likes to watch tv, especially football and has started watching mommy play video games, too. He now eats between 4-6 ounces every feeding and will pass right out into a milk coma. He is the best and cutest baby ever! Mommy and Daddy love you so much!


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