Sunday, August 31, 2008

First Injury of the Summer

The date on this photo is was taken today, August 31, 2008.

Last night around 9:00, Brian was chasing the 4 little girls around the living room, growling. He startled Clare, who spun around to run away, but she lost her footing and went down on her left arm. Immediately she starting saying that her arm was numb. I knew that didn't sound good, but most people who know Clare are aware of her "tendency to over-dramatize things," so I had her rest quietly for a while to give the initial pain and indignation time to fade. After 15 or 20 minutes, though, she was still crying harder than usual, couldn't rotate her wrist, and her legs were shaking.

After a few quick phone calls and an emergency baby-sitter (thanks, Mam-Mam) we were off to the E.D. During a surprisingly short (45-min total) visit, it was confirmed that she did indeed break her arm - a buckle fracture of the left radius near the insertion. They gave her a half-cast wrapped in a bandage, which will be replaced by a full cast this week, which will probably be on for three weeks)

She's not in much pain at all and is in pretty good spirits, all things considered.

Here's the picture we'll use when she wants to engender sympathy...

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Clare lost a tooth!

It's been at least a year since she lost her bottom front teeth, so she was so excited when her top one started to wiggle. She yanked it out herself. Here's a picture of the Toothless Twins, Clare & Heidi.This was Tuesday August 4th. On Sunday, Clare left for 5 days in New Jersey with maternal grandparents, and she came home on Thursday the 13th with the other top tooth wiggling. By Friday she had pulled that one out as well! No more corn on the cob for a while!