Friday, December 30, 2011

A Little Bit of Regina

Regina had her first birthday recently, which went unblogged until now due to technical difficulties. Here's a smidgen of her latest doings.

Happy 5th Birthday, Twins! Sorry I'm A Few Days Late.

Can't believe they're 5 ALREADY! They have really grown up in the past few months. Dresses that were floor length in the summer are mid-calf now. They are getting so leggy and coltish. They're changing, too. They're cracking jokes, and they can participate in a successfully executed game of "Pass It Down The Alley." Right now their biggest hurdle is being able to complete a song on Dance Revolution with a passing score.

I tried to take a nice birthday photo of them, but they kept giving me the goofy buck-toothed grins. So here you have them in all their goofy birthday glory. Natalie isn't taller anymore; she's kneeling on a chair.

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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Morning

Look at this chaos.  Christmas morning 2011.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Monday, December 12, 2011


Noelle is sweet.  There's no other word to describe her.

When I ask, "Who's going to help me clean __________ up?"  she is on her feet and helping before I finish talking.

Whenever she sees me looking her way, especially with a camera, she stops what she's doing and gives me a sweet smile, compared to some of the other hams in the family who stick out their tongues or make a crazy face.
Noelle - smiling.  Natalie - sticking tongue out. 

They all saw me taking a picture.  Guess who's the only one that smiled?

She's always the one to give in to Natalie whenever Natalie pitches a fit over who gets the red cup, who gets to sit next to mom, who gets to pick the story, etc.

The other morning, the three youngest were all in our bed after their nightly migration.   And for some reason, they weren't content to rest quietly - they all had to thrash and flop until they were mashed up against each other.  Natalie's head was hanging off the edge of the bed.  Regina was close to putting her fingers in Noelle's nose.  None of them were sleeping soundly, but every time I tried to separate them, they would, in their sleep, coalesce again into a fitful conglomeration.

L-R:  Regina, Noelle, Natalie.

Regina was especially fitful.  She kept scooching and throwing  her head around with a mighty flop.  Eventually the inevitable happened:  she scooched next to Noelle and brought her head down - smack! - right in the middle of Noelle's face.  Noelle instantly woke up crying, but the next thing she said melted my heart.

WAAAIIIIL - WAAAHHHH - and through her sobs:  "Regina! Are you okay?"

Bless her little heart.