Monday, January 14, 2013

Watchers in the Night

This print, by Thomas Blackshear, may be my favorite image of a guardian angel.    I would love to hang one over the bed of each of my children, to remind them that they can sleep in peace and safety with their own powerful agent of God keeping watch.  Sadly, since the cost of these prints hovers around $600, I will probably never own a single original, let alone a houseful!

Claude, here are some pictures I took of the girls "pretending" to sleep so you can paint them into the picture.  I like the second one best.  Natalie is in pink, Noelle in blue, Theresa is in pink in the last picture.  There was much silliness abounding.  You get the general idea.

If possible, I would like it to be at least 11x14 .

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Our Circle Picture Through the Years.

2009 - Sarah, 18; Scott, 16; Brian, 13; Conor, 11; Clare, 8; Theresa, 6; twins, 3.

2010 - Sarah, 19; Scott, 17; Brian, 14; Conor, 12; Clare, 9; Theresa, 7; twins, 4; Regina, newborn.

2011 - Sarah, 20; Scott, 18; Brian, 15; Conor, 13; Clare, 10; Theresa, 8; twins, 5; Regina, 1.

2012 - Sarah, 21; Scott, 19; Brian, 16; Conor, 14; Clare, 11; Theresa, 9; twins, 6; Regina, 2.

Looking Forward, Looking Back.

While listening to the fireworks marking the passing of another year, 
I looked back through the year of photos to pick out just a few of the innumerable moments for which I am thankful.