Monday, September 21, 2009

Jalapeno Jarvest

I planted 5 jalapeno plants this year to try my luck, and to my surprise, they not only flourished, but the peppers are quite picoso as well.

This is today's pickings alone:

Never having done this before, I've got a few concerns. For instance, do these striations mean that the plants got too much water all at once, the way tomatoes will split? Or is it some kind of disease? My husband suggests that it might have been thrips. Is it still okay to eat?

Some of the peppers are starting to get blackish spots at the top. Is that normal, or a sign of spoilage? Again, are they okay to eat?

And we can't possibly eat all these peppers at once. How do I prepare them for storage? Cut and freeze? Roast and jar in oil? Ayudame !!!


  1. Oh my gosh. I would love to have those! We love fresh jalapenos. I do know that the striations mean they are hotter. It and the black spots do not mean they are bad at all to eat, although I'm not sure what causes them. They will freeze just fine. I would clean them out first, and they'll be good to go! Good job! I might try to grown some peppers next year. We use them in fresh salsa all the time. We also split them in half, clean them out, fill with cream cheese, wrap with bacon and smoke on the grill for about an hour. They are always a hit! :)

  2. One loves jalepneos. People I know who grow them often pickle the ones they can not eat right away.