Monday, November 16, 2009

Memory Lane Monday

We babysat two boxers from March-August 2005. The kids have nothing but glowing memories about how great the dogs were, and how much they miss them. I remember little except for the dog poop in the yard, continual chewing and eating of inappropriate items, soiling of the carpet, and barking nonstop when we left the house.

The dogs did have their moments, though.


  1. Cute pups and that is wonderful that your kids have great memories from them.

    I added a comment to my post, but I made that cake/dessert plate by just buying a plate and a candlestick holder at Dollar Tree. Took some thick glue like rubber cement and glued them together. You should try it. One of my favorite things!

  2. Now you've got to find a matching picture of your twin girls napping together!