Monday, February 8, 2010

Snow Day

Seven inches of snow down on Saturday. Another seven expected on Tuesday night. Oh least I don't live in D.C.

Headlines read: Washington shuts down, buried in record snowfall - Flights are grounded and power outages are widespread as the capital slumbers under more than 32 inches of snow.

Here, the roads were passable. The evening skies were breathtaking. And at least we had a little fun.

The kids did, anyway.


  1. Ha! I laugh at your 7" snowfall and . . . wait a minute . . . that's what we got, so I guess I won't laugh ; )

    That's a cool photo collage.

  2. I love your collage. The skies do look gorgeous!

    We are expecting 1 - 3 inches here in Texas by tomorrow. That's a lot for us, but yours looks like so much fun!