Sunday, July 25, 2010

We Interrupt Our Regularly Scheduled Program

I've been trying to blog about the Texas trip before I forget everything, but I just have to change lanes here for a minute.

"April gardeners often forget that August is coming."

I can't remember if I read this somewhere or came up with it on my own. I can't even remember if I've gotten it correctly. All I know is that this adage has stuck with me ever since my fledgling gardening days.

This is NOT my garden.

Oh, but how I wish it was. Look how orderly and spacious. Observe the absence of weeds! Notice how easy it will be for this gardener to harvest that bounty!

This is my actual garden in May (there are actually plants planted in there; they're just too small to see) :

My garden at the end of July:

I really thought that with all that square footage that I spaced everything out adequately. As it stands, I can barely find the plants I planted. how in the world am I ever going to find all the ripe veggies before it's too late??

The weeds are taller than the potato plants. It didn't help that we were away and nobody weeded for two weeks. When we got back, we didn't even know where to start.
I could lose a small child in the tomatoes.

The cabbages and brussels sprouts are going to be swallowed up.

The corn is full of miniature ears.

Look what I found today! I didn't even know these plants were producing yet.

I only planted one watermelon plant and one canteloupe plant. I had no idea they were going to threaten to overtake the entire yard. But look what we found today, nestled under the leaves!


  1. wow, what a bountiful harvest you have!! and it all came up while you were away. that's pretty good -- a low maintenance vegetable garden! good luck in bringing in the harvest.

  2. Squeal! I had to laugh at your daughter's picture!

    You have MELONS! How exciting! It looked like you laid it out well --- but of course, I'm a non-gardener.

  3. I sympathize with you, we are off to weed today as soon as hubby gets home. The weeds are so high and all I want to do is finish getting the pool up and paint the inside of my house so I can move. ={
    It'll get done soon I hope.
    Good luck weeding and enjoy your veggies. =]