Wednesday, September 29, 2010

September Girls

Our church has a beautiful prayer garden out back that is currently in full blooming splendor. I always say I'm going to take the girls' pictures there, but I usually let the season slip by without taking advantage. Not this year!

Clare, age 9

Theresa, almost 7

Noelle, almost 4

Natalie, almost 4


  1. That does look like the perfect setting for pictures! I'm glad you took them and didn't let the season slip by. Your children are beautiful.

    ps....I'm still thinking about running away! I will let you know and I will come pick you up...


  2. Thank you. You should have seen the outtakes, though! One of my girls has the idea that a ‘cute’ pose involves cocking her head an a 90-degree angle. Another plastered on a fake smile with such a pained expression. It took almost 200 pictures to get a handful that we liked!

  3. What a great backdrop! I just love these pictures, especially the first one of all 4 girls!

  4. Hi again, you are right about the toys.

    I've already loaded my trunk tonight for dropoff at Goodwill tomorrow! :)