Saturday, October 30, 2010

Trick or Treat Night

At first the older girls wanted to be fairies. But they weren't happy with how long their 'lazy' Mom was taking to help them assemble their costumes. (As if I have time to scour the thrift shops for suitably filmy scarves, etc.) Then Clare wanted to dress as a Chinese girl. Originally, Noelle wanted to be a ladybug and Natalie wanted to be a bumblebee. Then the all dug into the costume box, and Noelle decided to be Spiderman and Natalie wanted to be Batman. Then they were all going to be cheetahs. Then Noelle changed her mind back to a ladybug. Then Clare decided to be the Mommy ladybug and Noelle would be her baby. Then they all jumped on the ladybug bandwagon, even Mom. Conor wanted to be Link from the Legend of Zelda game, but a few days ago somebody gave the boys several sets of authentic fatigues.

Thus we have the annual October ladybug swarm:

And a Military Man:
The package of face paint reads: To remove, wipe off and wash with warm water and soap. Additional washings may be needed. Duh. You think?

At one point while we were out, Noelle was wearing gloves but Natalie had eschewed them. I turned to see them holding hands, and Noelle explained, "I'm holding Natalie's hand to keep it warm!"

Finally, a local stable had a fundraising picnic to raise money for their vaulting team. My camera has been broken since the corn maze, but these were taken of Clare & Noelle at the picnic.

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  1. I love all of their costumes. The ladybugs are adorable. I hope everyone had fun trick or treating!!