Saturday, October 8, 2011

Lookee What SHE Can Do!

Regina finally got the hang of crawling this past week.

Until this week, she used to largely stay where you put her.  Sadly, those days are over now.  Now, the work begins.  Not only do we have to watch her with an eagle eye. now it's time to be extra vigilant about what's on the floor.  Legos.  Barbie shoes.  Pencils.  Brian has a horrible habit of leaving a trail of toothpicks through the house.  Every time we bring firewood into the house, we drop bits of bark.  It boggles the mind.  We are going to have to vacuum until our arms fall off.

Having said all that, she's so awfully cute when she crawls.  And she's so much happier to be put down now, because she can get around on her own.  While this picture was taken, she spent a solid hour playing on the floor with her sisters, scooting here and there.  She's NEVER been happy that long without being held, usually by ME.  She'd crawl over to the jumper, pull herself up, see something interesting, crawl over to it.  Her sisters would catch her attention, and she'd scoot over that way.

And she managed to eat only one little twig.

Wow, my living room looks almost clean in this picture.   Trust me, it's not.

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