Thursday, November 10, 2011


I am single-handedly trying to start a grass roots movement to opt out of the madness that Black Friday has become.  If you also think that it's just a ploy by merchants to get people out and spending, it's the most blatant display of consumerism and greed imaginable, and completely contrary to the spirit of Christmas, then I encourage you to spread the word.  

As if Black Friday hasn't already grown into monstrous proportions, as if it doesn't reach new depths of violence and greed each year, now the trend is to begin the shopping on Thanksgiving Day, a day traditionally reserved for family and thankfulness. 

It isn't a popular position to take up, but people trampling each other at 4 a.m. over a two-hundred-dollar laptop or the latest toy (which will be forgotten a few weeks after Christmas) is NOT the meaning of preparing for Christmas. Just Google "Black Friday fight" and you will  find hundreds of examples of greed, violence, and selfishness.  This is not what we were created to be.

Let's take back the holiday and remake it into what it was meant to be, one family at a time.  Speak out!


  1. LOVE this post, so much. We stopped buying Christmas gifts about 12 years ago. I try not to look at all the "crazy" shoppers with disdain, but I do. You are so right, shopping and gifts and all the madness is not what the holidays are about. UGH! We do a couple of gifts for Boyd now, and several people buy for him, but nothing for grown ups, and no crazy shopping. I could go on and on. This is definitely a touchy subject for me. I'm glad you wrote about it.