Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sarah, Your Genius Is Showing...

Sarah left for college two weeks earlier than usual, because this year she's a freshman R.A. and had to go out for training.  She's spending this week in orientation and team-building exercises.  Next week the freshmen arrive, and classes begin the following week.

This week she's decorating her room and her door, and sending me periodic phone pictures of her efforts.  She had this great idea - she took apart a calendar with images of space, and attached all the pages together to create a poster.

Stroke of genius!  A use for old calendars, and an inexpensive poster.  

Today when we went to the Dollar Tree I saw a box of dollar calendars.  Vineyards, hot air balloons, kittens - all the usual suspects - and for the kids, muscle cars or My Little Pony.  Sure, I'll shell out a buck!

Made their first poster today.


  1. I never saw this until now. I have my moments. :D