Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas Skirts.

My mother asked me if, this year, I would make Christmas skirts for the girls instead of buying them Christmas dresses (as was her yearly tradition before being moved to a nursing home).  Um, how do you say 'no' to your mother in a nursing home?

Finding festive fabric was the first hurdle.  We don't have any big fabric stores within an hour or so, and our walmart didn't have a scrap of anything Christmasy.  Go figure.  Another reason to hate that place.  It took me about two weeks of looking before I remembered a place that MIGHT have some, and I was right.  They also had a great selection, and charged half the price I would have paid anywhere else!

If all things go well, I can knock off a skirt in 3-4 hours.  And thankfully, things went well.  I had all the skirts (plus a tree skirt) done in the space of a week, and we found pretty sparkly turtlenecks to go with them at Kmart.

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  1. How sweet that your mom asked you to do that, and you obliged. :) You did a fabulous job on the skirts. I LOVE them! So pretty. Your girls are just the cutest.

    Merry Christmas friend.
    hugs to you and your sweet family.



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