Tuesday, July 16, 2013

3D Ultrasound

Although we are expecting our 10th baby, I have never had a 3D ultrasound before.  In fact, I think they usually turn out pretty creepy, and usually end up looking like play-doh babies that have no resemblance to the actual child being represented.

Having said all that, the technician today did a quick 3D scan for me just for fun, and here is the result.

I think he kind of resembles the rest of them.  He's almost 5 lbs now, with 9 weeks to go.


  1. Wow, how exciting for you all!! May God continue to reward you with his blessings and the grace to be able to handle it all :) Looking forward to hearing about this new little sweetie in your life.
    Meredith Henning

  2. It is amazing what ultrasounds can do know. Me and my wife have been looking for a place that does 3D ultrasound.
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