Sunday, June 8, 2014

Recent Happenings.

The dogwood tree had a serious split from a very heavy, wet, late snow.  We tried to repair it, but the  branch kept cracking further and further down, so Andy had to take it off a few weeks ago.

Since Sarah has been home from college, the little ones want to hang out in her room as much as possible.    This is what happens with they hang out with Sarah.

These pics were taken at the beginning of May on a trolley ride.  We went to a free performance of an educational play about Ben Franklin, and the trolley ride was included.  During the play, Philip ate 3 cups of peach yogurt.  

On the trolley ride back, Philip threw up 3 cups of peach yogurt all over the trolley floor.

Regina and I cut out the sod and planted flowers the day Brian left.  By now, much of the grass has retaken its territory, but we do have several seedlings coming up...sunflowers, cosmos, etc.  

OK, these next pictures...........

Basically, Saturday night Regina climbed up someplace high and fell down.  Initially there was swelling the size of a golf ball, and a small cut on the top of her cheekbone.  After I assessed that her vision was undamaged and there was no concussion. we iced it to keep the swelling down.

Sunday morning, this is Regina WITH her ice pack.....

and here she was WITHOUT.

Her eye was able to open wider and wider as the day went on.  At first, she wanted to hide her face from everybody so they wouldn't see her and ask what happened.  By the afternoon, she had gotten over her self-consciousness and was back to her spunky self, and her face shape is much more normal now.  

It's turning some pretty colors, though.

Day 3

Brian would be proud.

This surreal shot was taken with my crappy cell phone on the carousel.  Regina, in the foreground, names all horses Buttercup.  The twins, in the distance, have just become big enough to catch rings.  I was hoping to catch their outstretched hands, too, but my camera just doesn't have the right stuff.

And finally, Little Man at 9 months old.  He was in the baby pool (and loved it) for the first time today.

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