Monday, May 18, 2015

Are You Happy Now? ;)

I recently had a complaint that I haven't updated the blog in a long time... you know who you are  ;)  ... so I'm throwing a little bone along with an apology. Besides feeling like I'm drowning under my responsibilities and having a one-year-old menace to chase, I've also been missing a camera or two. And a cell phone. My memory is at an all-time low. Anyway, no pictures, no blogging. Simple as that.

Andy recently took a trip out west to visit our 2nd son and his bride, and he purchased a camera out there, which was promptly regifted to me as an early birthday present.  It's already been two weeks, and I haven't lost it yet.


Speaking of the Menace...

He used to be so easy to photograph! Now, whenever  he sees a camera, he dashes toward it.  It's hard to capture him doing whatever you wanted a picture of.  Anyway, the new camera has a feature called Color Pop, which highlights only the desired color - red, blue, green or yellow.  Here's the Bandit with a yellow filter:

And here are the girls with a blue filter:

Noelle has the braids.

And Regina, last but not least.

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