Thursday, May 5, 2016

Opening Day at Knoebel's.

Oh. My. Goodness.  The awards party for the swim team was held at Knoebel's on opening day.  "What a great idea!" I thought, not for a moment considering that they were giving away 2-for-1 handstamps.  The weather wasn't rainy (for a change) but not terribly warm.  What WAS terrible was the crowds, however.  I have never seen such crowds there and I hope I never do again.  We were averaging two rides an hour.  Theresa waited for an hour and twenty minutes to ride the Impulse, one of the newest attractions.  There's no fun in that - for me, anyway.  

Although there was a bit of disapointment about why we couldn't go on certain rides, the kids still had a good time.  We began as we always do, with Mom taking mug shots of everybody for "missing child" purposes.

One of the rides we didn't have to wait for was the carousel.

She went for the brass ring.  I caught it. Heh heh.

Phil was big enough to go on some more adventurous rides this year.  I didn't get many good pictures but he really did enjoy himself.

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