Wednesday, May 31, 2017

May Pictures

 Philip and I painting. His idea of painting is to cover an entire sheet with red and then ask for another sheet. Repeat ad nauseam.

Regina and her new school book.  She was so proud when she completed the last one. 

Opening day at Knoebels! 


Theresa and Scarlett in front, Natalie and Philip second, Scott and Regina third.
That is not a smile on Philip's face!


Godfather and godson getting some quality time together.

We spent a weekend at the Kalahari indoor water resort, but we were too busy to take any pictures except this one.

The scene of the crime – the place in the lobby of the Kalahari where the twins lost track of Philip for 10 heart-stopping minutes.

The kids went to sit on the couches in front of a massive fireplace in  front of those windows while I got our hotel wristbands.  I specifically asked them not to take their eyes off him.   Nevertheless they got distracted, and Philip wandered away from them unnoticed.  He ended up sitting on that little step, where a member of housekeeping happened upon him and asked where his parents were.  He said he didn't know, and he wasn't yet wearing his wristband for ID, so they took him behind the front desk, where I went a few minutes later after I realized they'd lost him.  

Setting out flags for deceased veterans for Memorial Day.

A special visitor at the Memorial Day festival.  

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