The Players


Blog author, stay-at-home homeschooling mom of many.
Loves piano, reading, cooking magazines, computers.
Super-competitive.  Grammar Nazi.
Finds great satisfaction in sewing, although essentially ignores the directions.
Come to think of it, that sums it up for just about everything.

faithful provider and protector, biologist by training, jack of all trades, R.C.I.A. team member.  Sometime runner and hiker.  Takes coffee intravenously; falls asleep whenever he sits still.

High school sweethearts, married in 1990.  Still going strong.

Sarah, born 1991.

2012 - Second year nursing student and freshman RA.  A lady.  Defies classification.

2015 - UPJ graduate with a B.S.N.  

2017 - Poodle mom.  Engaged lady.  Nurse.

Scott, born 1993.  

Oldest son.  Talented chef and guitarist, gypsy, free spirit.  
Immunological nightmare.  Will be a proud papa in December 2012

BDborn 1996.

2012 - Second son.  Avid athlete, lives to swim, plays football.  Picks things up and puts them down again.  Self-taught ukulele and guitar player.  Boy Scout.  Loves to cook.  Chainsaw Boss.  Aspires to compete high school a year early and join the Coast Guard.

2013 - Completed requirements a year early. First homeschool graduate at age 17.

2014 - Left for boot camp

2017 - Member of the Armed Forces.  Married to Kirsten since 2014.  Proud papa to Maverick, born Nov. 2016.

Conor, born 1998.

2012 - Youngest boy of the family, desperate for a little brother.  
Quick-witted, slow-moving.  Likes swimming, football, video games.  
  Loves to cook.  Collector of swords.  Man of 1,000 Voices.
Has a brain the size of a walnut.
Devoted to the Legend of Zelda and his baby sister Regina, 
even though she isn't a boy.  

2013 - No longer the youngest boy of the family.  

2016 - Homeschool graduate.

2017 - Completed his first year of college with a 2.97 GPA.   Studying Biomedical Engineering.  In his first apartment at college, and everybody calls him Dad.

Clare, born 2001.

2012- Crazy 11-year-old who loves bike riding and swimming, and wants to be a fashion designer when she grows up.  Likes reading, basketball and cooking.  Dreams of visiting Paris.  Very loving but full of sass.

2017 - Turning 16 and getting her learner's permit soon.  Studied Health Occupations at the Vo-Tech.  Obsessed with home renovation shows.  Secretly an 85-year-old woman who hates noise and keeps hard candy in her purse.  Third year working for Tony.

Theresa, born 2003.

2012 - Our little Marla Hooch.  Tree climber.  Tough and resilient.  
Wants to be an artist, forever drawing and coloring.  Leaves crayons everywhere.
Always has a silly smile and a giggle.  Kind of a forgetter.  
Gives good neck massages. Loves her bicycle, her sisters, and her Mousie.

2017 - Obsessed with mermaids.  Still gives good neck massages.  Just got her first job at Ginger's barn.  Loves to swim.

Noelle, born 2006.

2012 - Twin A.  Right handed.  Skips everywhere.  Loves to hug and cuddle. Kinda clumsy.  Loves to help in the kitchen.  The brave twin - not afraid to touch bugs, clean shrimp, bread pork chops, etc.

2017 -   Love language is touch.  Obsessively "chubs" everyone who will permit it.  Wears armful of bracelets and a crucifix all the time.  Likes jeans, hates shorts.

Natalie, born 2006.

2012 - Twin B.  Left handed.  Prances everywhere.  The only child I've ever known to actually titter (teeheeheehee).  Spends a lot of time "getting things organized."  The other brave twin - the one who's not afraid to junp in the deep end, go downstairs in the dark, etc.

2017 - Philip's favorite sister.  Constantly wears a wristful of pony elastics.  Likes to wear monochrome outfits.  Likes shorts, hates jeans.

Regina, born 2010.

2012 - Princess Number 9.  The current baby of the family and everybody's little darling.  
Stubborn little stinker.  
Regina Angela loosely means "Queen of the Angels" and boy, does she know it.  She rules the roost with an iron fist, piercing shrieks, and lots of sweet hugs and kisses.

2017 - Love language is language.  Talks constantly.

Philip, b. 2013

2017 - Bandit.  Philbo Baggins.  Carries a blankie named Mr. Pockets everywhere.  Independent, smart, and articulate.  Daddy's helper and buddy.  Regina's biggest fan (half the time).  Loves to be outside and dig in the dirt.  Loves to play with trains, pretend food, and every tool he can steal.  Hoarder who keeps all his treasures (a.k.a. all of our stuff) in his "basement," which has been anything from an empty box to an insulated cooler.