Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Strange Wardrobe Choices

Kim over at The Mommy Machine made a post about this, so I couldn't resist sharing something.

Through the years, my kids have occasionally demonstrated an affinity for some strange wardrobe items.

When my oldest daughter was in single digits, she dressed purely for comfort. She had texture issues. The pattern/fashion was negligible - she only wanted to be comfy. It was with her that I first learned that socks should be put on inside-out so those scratchy toe seams wouldn't bother her. I also learned to avoid velour and crushed velvet at all costs. I could go looking through the old pictures to find a good example of her eclectic style, but she'd kill me. Or cut my hair while I'm sleeping. {JK. She's devious but not malicious.}

One of them wanted to wear his Batman costume all year round. And since I couldn't see the harm in it, I let him. (I was already carting around 5 or 6 kids - it was too late to care what people thought of me) It was a mad-awesome costume, after all. I don't have any pictures. Just imagine me trucking to the grocery store in March with 4 children and a three-foot-tall Batman in tow.

Conor's nickname used to be "Boots." His favorite color has always been red, so one year he received red rubber rain boots, which he wore until they fell off his feet. We replaced the first pair with identical boots. People didn't recognize him without his boots. I think he wore red rubber boots, winter and summer, from 2000 until 2004.

Clare and Theresa wear their Christmas dresses year round. This was taken in October.

Clare also is a huge fan of Little House on the Prairie. I made the girls sunbonnets and aprons last year for Christmas, and my mom found the perfect dress at the Sal Val. Clare can be seen here, running laps in her prairie dress.

And finally, at one point, some of my children thought that spandex exercise unitards were the bomb.
For you SpongeBob fans, my husband affectionately refers to this photo as "Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy."

Breathtaking moment:

Not exactly breathtaking, but touching ... after taking the Christmas tree down, my 12yos got the vacuum cleaner out to sweep up the fallen needles without being told, asked, prompted or threatened...


  1. Okay, I'm losing my mind. I just read your post on the Holy Spirit (in my Google Reader), but when I clicked over to your site it was gone. First, I wanted to say that I really liked what you had to say and I agree with how important it is to listen to that still, small voice.

    Second, these pictures are hilarious! I can soooo relate to your girls wearing their Christmas dresses all year long. My 8-year-old is (and always has been) a dress lover. She wears her favorite skirts and dresses constantly (sometimes they're normal, sometimes they're costumes) until I take them away and hide them.

  2. I can relate to those odd clothes choices. When we first moved to Virginia, my then two year old (seven now) insisted on wearing a particular dress-up skirt. It is made of toile and she'd wear it over all of her clothes. Every day. For a year (at least).

    But it was so cute! I miss those days. Now she wants to be dressed "properly," though there was a day when the girls both wore colonial dresses over their clothes for the day, including when we went out shopping. And that was last year, I think.