Sunday, June 3, 2012

Picture Parade: Knoebel's

We took an unscheduled trip to Knoebel's to drop off some paperwork last week. It was such a beautiful day and the park was relatively uncrowded, so our "two rides only!" trip turned into five hours!  Some highlights:

This is the first year Theresa's big enough to ride the bumper boats,
not to mention the first time the park hasn't been too crowded. 
Noelle, Brian & Natalie

Noelle and Natalie had the mini bumper cars to themselves.  It was fairly hilarious to watch.

Log Flume:  Theresa, Natalie & Brian

Log Flume:  Noelle & Conor

Regina, eagerly watching for her sibs to come down the Skloosh.

They are somewhere inside that plume of water.

As if they didn't get wet enough on the ride -
now they are waiting on the bridge for the next big splash to hit them.

Brian, Natalie & Theresa, soaked to the bone

Ditto Conor & Noelle

Best.  Day.  Ever!   

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