Saturday, March 28, 2009

Please Don’t Feed The Bear

Bird feeder….or bear feeder?

When we moved here, they warned us of a bear that occasionally came down off the mountain to root through trash and snack on bird seed. We’ve heard reports of recent sightings of a 450 pounder, but haven’t seen it for ourselves. It has been in our trash, however, and last night paid our brand new, one-day-old bird feeders a visit. They weren’t hanging all too high, but apparently that wasn’t good enough for the bear, who proceeded to flatten our wrought-iron signpost to get a better vantage point.

PICT0002 - Copy



  1. Watch out for that bear! That's much more scary than my marauding balloons :)

    And please don't ever feel like you don't want to comment on my blog!! That would be the worst thing ever :( I love my bloggy friends and it makes me happy when they say, "hi."

  2. Holy Cow! He sure did flatten it didn't he?!! We had a bear cub in the tree on my block about 3 years ago, we watched from the porch, I knew Momma couldn't be too far away. {eek!} She never made an appearance though.

  3. Holy moly!! I just got back from Kathy B.'s blog where posted a pic of sharks in the beach she was about to go to!! What's happening out there?!!! (by "out there", I mean outside my home)