Friday, March 27, 2009

So What's New With You?

Anybody who’s been following my blog might remember what the twins (and the kids in general) did to the laptop. Today the new work laptop arrived!!! I’m setting it up now and learning how to use Windows Live Writer, which apparently will make blogging faster and more convenient.

I can already see that it was the lack of laptop that was the biggest impediment to my bloglessness. Having it on my lap means I can blog on the fly, where the action is, instead of schlepping up to the third floor and sequestering myself in the office.

Speaking of sequestering, a jury duty questionnaire arrived in today's mail for me. Last time I got one, I deliberately didn't return it, just to see if they were bluffing when they said anyone who didn't reply would automatically be selected. Guess what? They weren't bluffing. I was summoned for jury duty, but was excused because I was breastfeeding my baby exclusively. Sweet.

On the big news front: tonight is opening night for our high school's production of Funny Girl, in which my son plays Eddie Ryan. For those of us who have never heard of Funny Girl before, Eddie is a leading role. And instead of applauding my heart out with tears in my eyes, I am home with three sick little girls, waiting to see who'll be the next contestant to pray to the porcelain god. If they make it to the bathroom, that is. Sigh.

Here's a picture of what 10:56 p.m. looked like at my house. That's the carpet shampooer on the floor. Yes, it was necessary for me to drag out the shampooer. Sigh. Babies passed out left and right. Poor little things are so wiped out that they can't even lift their heads. The picture doesn't show 5yo Theresa...she had a stomach bug attack while I was busy cleaning up after one of the babies, and I told her she had to use the upstairs bathroom. After a while I noticed that she never came back, and I found her sound asleep face down on her bed, no covers, no security animal. This is the same child who can easily stay awake until midnight or 1:00 a.m. when she's "Not Tired." Putting herself to bed is nothing less than earth-shaking.

Somebody please tell me why we've had the stomach flu three times this winter?

So that’s it. Big whoop. Hi to everyone and I’ll try to get back to blogging on a semi-regular basis asap. I'll even try to concoct a Not Me Monday if my depleted brain can come up with something.



  1. Hey! You snuck back on when I wasn't watching! Glad you're back...

    Stomach flu three time?!?!? That's one for the record books. Hope youre past it!

  2. We had one with it last night. :( yucky

  3. oooh Windows Live Writer. That sounds so cool!! Let us know how it works. Is it really as cool as it sounds?

    i am so sorry your babies are sick again. I can relate to that. We had to drag out our shampooer this winter too and have just gotten the kids over their most recent bad bout of flu/cold. Fortunately no upchucking this round. I hope they all get better soon!

    Good to see you back in.

  4. I think you need to clean more to get rid of the germs. :D

  5. ouch... one time after a particularly bad round of colds.. it suddenly occurred to us to boil their toothbrushes. I think it helped. :)

  6. I just pulled you up on Google Reader to start catching up, and after reading only one post I have to click over to comment!!

    Yay!! You got a new laptop!

    I wish I would have taken a picture of my twins when they were sick with the stomach flu, because it would have been almost identical (pun intended) to yours!! I can't believe you've gone through this THREE times already, as the ONE time I endured was horrible. I was getting worried because they aren't even 3 yet and they vomited everything until they were dry-heaving and then couldn't keep anything down (not even water) for 2 days. It was really awful. What an absolute drag that you missed your son' play.