Monday, June 22, 2009

And Now For Something Completely Different...

Okay, it's official. The twins have moved on.

First it was the BabyFaith videos. They watched them incessantly.

Next it was VeggieTales. At first it was "Where's God When I'm Scared." "Care You! Care You! (scare you)" they would demand excitedly, although they didn't limit themselves to only that one. They preferred episodes that featured Bob prominently, and disliked LarryBoy at first, although they soon began to ask for LarryBoy and the Bad Apple by name.

Not long after, they began to obsess over VeggieTales' Jonah. They could watch the entire full-length feature 6 times a day, and coveted a small plastic Jonah figure so strenuously that I bought an entire extra Jonah playset on ebay just to get another Jonah for the loser less fortunate twin.

But now, VeggieTales has lost its luster. In favor, of all things, of Blue's Clues.

Since we don't have cable or satellite TV, my mother tapes VHS copies of Blue's Clues for the kids, interspersed with Toot n' Puddles, Curious George, and WordWorld. But Blue is the winner, hands down. We prefer Steve to Joe, but that's another can of worms entirely...

Tonight, the only way I could peacefully entice them into their room for bedtime was to sing every Blue's Clues ditty I could dredge up. The twins were both tickled that I actually knew the words, but "Mail Time" elicited the most giggles (it always has been my favorite). What you are about to see is probably the twentieth singing of said song, but I finally remembered to run and get the camera:

{p.s. - it's just perfect that she's also wearing a Blue's Clues nightshirt...}

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