Monday, June 22, 2009

Monday Morning Memories

Just had to write this one down so I don't forget. The twins usually wake up together in the morning, and as a unit, either a) both come in search of me, wailing loudly, or b) stay upstairs and start playing. This morning, however, as I sat downstairs leafing through a new issue of Secular Homeschooling, Natalie came downstairs alone. I assumed that Noelle was still asleep. But when I had to run upstairs to get something, she wasn't in her bed. Hmmm. That's usually not good.

So it was up to the third floor... and there she was, in the playroom, quietly playing with the dollhouse. This wasn't possible a few days ago because of the solid foot of toy debris on the floor, but I spent a few hours this week cleaning and organizing up there. So there she sat, humming to herself, playing contentedly.

"Good morning, Noelle."

"Good morning, Mommy."

"Are you playing with the dollhouse?"

"Yes." (Always "yes." Never "yep" or "uh-huh.")

A short pause, then she turns to me and asks,

" pway wif a dollhouse when you tiny wike me?"

Bless her little heart.

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  1. Wow. I am amazed at how similar our lives (and kids) are! We have that exact same dollhouse, and my girls are currently in a stage where that's what they are playing with.

    AND my youngest girl always says "Yes," too, which I find so endearing.

    I also have discovered from experience that when I clean up their nursery/toy room and leave just a few things in there for them, they will play so happily and for a much longer period of time then if it's all cluttered with a million toys.