Friday, January 8, 2010

Gurlz In The House

Yes, four little girls under the age of 8, and the house is awash with evidence. My Little Ponies are everywhere. Barbie shoes can be found under every couch cushion. Princess posters adorn the bedroom walls. Makeup is a precious commodity... you get the idea. But there are also two VERY BOYISH young adolescent boys, who are leaving an indelible mark on their little sisters.

When they play war in the backyard, the girls are as heavily armed as their brothers, and the toddler twins play the part of the medics. Whenever somebody gets 'hit,' they cry out "Medic!" and one of the twins has to rush over and minister to the fallen soldier.

(Incoming!! Twins in a foxhole during the Normandy invasion)

The house is full of nerf dart guns of every caliber, and this time everybody gets in on the action.

(Warning: Do not aim guns at anyone's face. Yeah, right.)

And if there were any remaining doubts that there are boyz in the house, just look closely at the kitchen set. It's a lovely provincial gourmet kitchen, full of really nifty features and accessories.Hmmm. Looks a lot like my own kitchen sink. Except for the incendiary device.

Sometimes my kitchen could really use an incendiary device.

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  1. For a second, I thought your girls were playing out in the snow—can you tell it's winter up here?!

    I love that girls can dress up like princesses AND play war!