Monday, January 11, 2010

Twins Are Awesome

How do I say it delicately without demeaning any of our single-born children? Twins are simply amazing. I love every single one of our children, and I don't love the twins more than the rest, but there's something so completely astonishing about two babies where there was once one. This is the first time we've had two children at exactly the same stage - up until now there was always the older brother/sister and the annoying little tag-along. I've marveled at all the childrens' milestones, but this time around, seeing the twins both developing new skills and learning from each other, well, it defies description. I can't adequately explain myself, but every day I am conscious and appreciative of this miracle and that I am privileged to be a witness to it.

We were warned that two at a time would be a sleepless, chaotic nightmare, but nobody warned us how much fun it would be. Parenting these twins for the last three years has been a treat, an absolute delight. And if I had a guarantee of another set of multiples, I wouldn't hesitate to become pregnant again.

Well, maybe just a little bit.

Spa time. Ahhhhhh.

P.S. They are monozygotic, i.e. identical, twins.
Then how can Noelle's head be so much bigger than Natalie's??


  1. Twins are fascinating. That is a cute picture!

    Your morning sounds wonderful, with your book and your coffee! :)

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  2. I SO wanted twins - but NOW can't imagine it! I don't know how you amazing parents of multiples do it!! Great picture btw.