Friday, June 25, 2010

Birthday Kids

We celebrated Brian's 14th birthday on the last day of May.
So much has been going on that we only had a small family party.

Among other gifts, we found him a "It's Just A Flesh Wound" t-shirt,
since he's recently become a Grail fan.

Nice hair.

Three weeks later, Clare turned 9.

Our young lady received a dozen roses in honor of her birthday.

We had a family party for her on her birthday, and the next day I took her and a friend out for a special girls' lunch and a movie.

She's been wanting a scooter for quite a long time,
since her brothers rarely let her use one of theirs.


  1. Cute pictures and it looks like they enjoyed their birthdays! The cakes look yummy too. :)

    Have a nice weekend....

  2. Happy belated birthday to all! I'd never in my life heard of Hollister before, until our recent soccer trip to NM and a bunch of Hayley's teammates all wanted to go shopping at the Hollister's in the mall. I think they'd give your son a big thumbs-up, even with the crazy hair!