Thursday, June 17, 2010

Feel free to run screaming if you just can't take another chicken picture.

Noelle proudly presents . . . . our chickens.

This is Blackie, or Oreo, or Ariel, or whatever...the Barred Rocks are impossible to tell apart, so they all might as well be named Blackie. The black ones are the easiest to catch of the younger hens, so of course they're an easy target. They are also fairly calm and patient when being handled. Good thing.

The first batch of chickens didn't seem to grow up as gracefully as these seem to be. This Barred Rock hasn't gone through an awkward stage - she just looks like a miniature hen.

Same for this Partridge Chantecler.

This is a Buff Chantecler. From the top, she looks like a perfectly normal miniature hen.

But look under her skirt! She has the prettiest, fluffiest little butt ever.

Wow, that WAS weird, even coming from me.

These are the older ones: White Leghorn and Golden Comet. Just look at the difference in body size. Although both breeds are prolific layers (we hope), the Leghorns will only reach 4 1/2 pounds.

This is one of the male Buff Brahmas. Each one is feathered differently in shades of tan, red, brown, gray, white and black, but they all have feathered feet. They look like little Clydesdales.

Theresa, the Chicken Whisperer.

We've been letting them out every evening just before dusk. That's about all the chicken babysitting that I can stand.

Dang it... I forgot to put that hammer away.

You talkin' to me? You talkin' to ME?


  1. hilarious! love the hen whisperer!! and I think the Buff Chantecler is the cutest, fluffy butt and all.

  2. and thank you from my heart for keeping our family in your prayers while on your retreat last week. :)

  3. Your daughter really seems to have liked frolicking with the chickens!