Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Best Gift I Could Have Asked For...

You may have heard me gripe about how unpleasant it can sometimes be to get my family to sit for a family portrait. However, now that the kids are getting older (and the oldest two are of college-age), it is getting more challenging to orchestrate a family picture. It's nearly impossible to get everybody together AND happy at the same time.

I felt very fortunate indeed last year to get a group shot (in under five minutes!!!!!) while Scott was home on Thanksgiving break.

However, the baby was born two weeks later. Smooth move, baby.

I have been nagging threatening reminding them almost daily for the duration of Christmas break that WE WILL BE RETAKING THE CIRCLE SHOT. It was foremost on my mind. And with 17 hours until Scott returned to Rhode Island, the little dears granted my Christmas wish.

Without one tear.

Last year's circle shot:
Circle shot 2011:

I would have used this one for the banner, but apparently Natalie thought we were still doing the silly face.


  1. The middle shot is great! Look how tiny the baby is . . . awww . . . ALERT! ALERT! baby fever! baby fever! She is so precious, M.

  2. Wonderful pics! I love the sweetness your wee baby adds <3

  3. I love the new circle shots. I LOVE how tiny your sweet new baby looks in them. :)