Saturday, January 8, 2011

Heads Together

There is a corner in our living room that has a built-in ledge and corner shelf. I suspect it was designed for a television, and we did put a tv there when first we moved here.

The kids would stand too close when watching, however,

so we soon made other arrangements.

Now the ledge (and under it) is the ideal place to throw store all the
candy wrappers coats books toys in the living room they don't want to actually put away.

It's also the perfect place to put your heads together and color, play, conspire and dream.

This was an elaborate game involving Littlest Pet Shop critters, Polly Pocket Princesses, wooden cars and Spiderman. It lasted about half an hour, and I wish I had the audio for it. They play so nicely together at this age.

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  1. Woops! I wrote a comment and then didn't put in the captcha . . .

    My girls play well together, too—and I am soooo grateful for that. Right now they are really into acting out little stories with their dolls/stuffed animals. I've overheard some pretty funny stuff!