Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Wheels, and Lousy Luck.

Last month we found the perfect car for Scott.  He now has a full-time job, the Malibu was getting poor gas mileage, and I can't possibly shuttle him there and back every day.  We looked around for a while until we found a kelly green metallic Subaru, the ideal car for him.  Good gas mileage, but funky and somewhat unique.  We picked it up on a Saturday evening, and he was thrilled.

Until Sunday evening, that is, when he crossed paths with another teen driver coming the opposite way.  I can't really picture how it happened.  I imagine it was something like this:  La-di-da, here I am traveling west.  Oh, there's the traffic light.  I have to turn left here.  Oh, hey, there's another car coming east through the traffic light. He's already in the intersection.  Oh, what the heck, I can make it.  I'M GOING FOR IT.  NOBODY LIVES FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

While Scott was exercising his legal right of way, proceeding through the green light, the kid tried to make his turn and, as my husband put it, "T-boned" Scott.  Smashed right into the driver's side.  

Scott's car was totaled, after only 28 hours of ownership.  Thankfully nobody was hurt., but Scott really does have the worst luck, if you will.

Below is the replacement.

96 hours and counting.

Speaking of replacements, here's how we replaced the van.

It seats 9, which still leaves us two short.  The oldest two rarely travel with us anymore, though.  It's a much nicer vehicle, but I still miss my shoddy old van, which seated twelve plus plenty of room for our stuff.  We gained a bit of luxury (and doubled our gas mileage), but lost all that cargo space and extra seating.  However, we do have heating and ac in the rear seats now.  That part will be nice.  But still, I miss my van.

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  1. Wow. Thank the Lord that your son is okay! My daughter keeps reminding me that she can get her driving permit next year when she turns 14, and I'm starting to have anxiety attacks just thinking about it!!

    The new SUV looks awesome! I bet in a couple of months you won't be missing the van a bit!