Sunday, May 29, 2011

Aikido Kai

For the past six months, the kids have been attending a martial arts self-defense class called aikido.  So far it's all been about being able to get your attacker off balance, and how to fall safely.  The sensei is an incredibly limber man in his 60s who falls down (and gets back up) about a hundred times in each class.   If I fell down even once, it would be all over for me.

Anyway, one snowy Saturday morning, my kids were the only ones to make it to class.  I had intended for the twins to sit on the sidelines with me, but Sensei invited them onto the mats.  They did okay, though a little bit rambunctious.  I was surprised when, the next week, he asked why they weren't at class.  I thought they were too young, but as long as he didn't think they were a disruption, I was willing to try.

They have gone to class for the past two weeks.  Natalie surprised me; I expected her to be either bored or too timid,  but she participated and paid attention the whole time.  Noelle, not so much.  If she makes it for half the class, it's a good day.

I love how Natalie's peeking at the camera here.

We had a parade in our town recently, and the aikido dojo marched along in it. That's Brian in the purple, and Theresa's the blondie holding the sign. Clare is behind her.

Clare & Conor

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