Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Regina Is A Little Stinker.

Okay, so on our second floor there are four bedrooms.  One is the boys', and one is where the stairs go up to the third floor, so it has no privacy at all and as a result we use it as our schoolroom rather than a bedroom.

The remaining two bedrooms were occupied by the girls - the pink one for sleeping, the white one for all their dressers and toys.

This has been working out for us pretty well, except for one snag - Summer.  The pink room has no air conditioner, the white one does.

Today I got a bee in my bonnet to swap the beds and the dressers, so I conscripted my husband and sons to do the heavy lifting.  The switch didn't take long at all, so in about two hours we had moved everything, decorated, and cleaned up, leaving us with two functional rooms.  The girls were excited about the new setup and about the prospect of sleeping in air-conditioned comfort on this 95-degree, humid night.  

One half of the pink room.
I designated a place to read,  because the twins are becoming voracious, compulsive readers.

It won't be long before the carpet is covered with books and cast-off clothing, which will give Mommy an aneurysm.

The other half - still a work in progress.  Notice the top shelf of the closet?

Natalie in particular was delighted because she found herself a new little nook to hide and read.  It wasn't long before I realized that she had climbed up to the top shelf of the closet and had made a nest out of pillows and blankets.  She kept climbing back down, saying she had to "get things organized."  Must be her new word.  Not long after that, she had a comfy little setup with books and toys lining the shelf's perimeter.  
Natalie's nook.

Regina was in and out of the rooms while we were cleaning and reorganizing.  She was also trying to climb up with Natalie, but we wouldn't allow that.  At one point, all the girls were coloring in the white room, and I was carrying a basket of clothes into the pink room, which I thought was empty.  I heard a voice and turned to look at the closet, and I saw this:

Yep, she succeeded in climbing up once we were all out of her way the room, and she was happily swinging from the clothes bar.

The kid's got some upper body strength, I'll give her that.

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