Friday, December 20, 2013

Portrait Time Again.

I bit the bullet and had the kids pose for wall pictures.  Actually my husband's mother is to blame thank, because she needed nice recent pictures of the twins for the newspaper's birthday page.  They ARE turning 7 next week, you know.

So I went for it.  Natalie was straightforward and simple.  Two shots and we were done, although she did have me take the prerequisite "posed"  shot.

"Take a picture of me reading!"

Final shot.

Regina, wild-haired child that she is, was also done in four shots or less.  The abrasion near her eye and the shadow at her hairline are evidence of her tumble down the stairs yesterday - or "lasterday," as she so eloquently phrases it.

Theresa was more challenging.    The phony smiles don't fly with me, so we had to try several different tacks before I was satisfied.  I still haven't chosen a favorite for the wall.    The hair flip was HER idea.

Philip just stared, dumbfounded, at the orange flash indicator light.  I had to take about two dozen pictures to get a few good ones.   I am partial to the middle shot on the right, although I love the dopey look he has bottom right!

Noelle was the real pill this time.  It was either a tilt of the head, or a fake smile, or half-closed eyes, or a blink...I am still waiting for a consensus before I choose a winner.

Noelle's "action" shot.

Group shot!

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  1. Cute. I love all of the pictures, and your newest babe is a doll! I'm in awe of your growing family!