Sunday, March 27, 2016

Happy Easter!

Holy Week was, as usual, relentlessly busy.  Holy Thursday is always crazy because we celebrate the Passover with a Christian Seder meal (complete with lamb and matzo) before we go the the Mass of the Last Supper.

We usually dye eggs between 12 and 3 on Good Friday, but I always felt funny about it since it's not a quiet, somber activity.  So this year Andy and the kids made their Easter Bread on Friday morning, and most of the hours between twelve and three o'clock were spent reading the Passion, praying a rosary, and coloring pages of Passion scenes.  Then at three o'clock we went to a communion service, and watched the stations at seven.

Holy Saturday we dyed Easter Eggs, and Sarah made it in time to color a few.  

Andy's parents always host dinner on Saturday night, and three out of the four boys made it in.  The cousins always have fun reconnecting!  Andy and Conor had roles in the Vigil Mass, but the rest of us hung out at Pap and Mam's until it was time to go home, set out the Easter baskets, and go to bed.

Sunday morning, the kids were up at five a. m.  because they were so excited to check out their Easter surprises.

This year the girls loaded each others' baskets with more presents than I got them.  I had to rearrange everything just to find room to put my surprises!  

Then we prepared and delivered dinner for 36 shut-ins, because the soup kitchen was not open this week.  After that we went to a Tridentine Mass with a bunch of friends, and had a pot luck afterward.

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