Wednesday, March 23, 2016

They Drive Me Up A Tree.

Last week we had some beautiful weather, so I sent the kids outside to play.  Philip and Regina went outside first, and I expected that they would just stay in the yard until the older girls joined them.  But they had been out for only a few minutes when I got a Feeling...not a Bad Feeling, just a Feeling, so I told the twins to hurry out to check on the kids.

Fifteen seconds later, one of the twins galloped back down the sidewalk, burst through the door, and exclaimed, "Philip's in the tree!"

He had seen one of his sisters use a short ladder to get into the swinging tree out back, so of course he tried it himself at the next opportunity.  Poor Regina - she was torn between wanting to go get help, and not wanting to leave him by himself up the tree.  Thankfully his guardian angel came to get somebody!

The harbinger of bad news took a camera back with her to document the event, whilst the other twin stayed close by with a steadying hand.  The tree is only about five feet off the ground.

He's such a little stinker.

After we extracted him from the tree (and hid the ladder), it was time for a photo shoot.


Regina & Noelle

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