Thursday, February 2, 2017

January Snapshots Part 1

I don't post a lot because every day is pretty much the same, especially in winter.  At any given time, 2/7 of the kids at home are sick, and we pass it around like a hot potato.  I was at the doctor yesterday with Clare, and I'm going again in an hour because it hurts when Noelle breathes in.  Normally I'll doctor a cold at home, but I have found that painful lungs are nothing to mess with.

Poor Noelle with Bowie, her favorite stuffie in the world

We're in the thick of swim season, with practice 4 nights a week and a swim meet on most Saturdays.  This will continue through March.  Regina joined the team this year, and she's doing very well, although she hates the repetition of practicing.  She's now able to put her face in the water, and she's working on diving, though it's difficult to dive while holding your nose with one hand!


We have snow flurries off and on most days, although the total accumulation hasn't amounted to much and it usually all melts in between snows.  There has only been one snowfall decent enough to play in.

That snowball maker that Philip is holding?  He calls it Crabby and he carries it everywhere, picking up things and snapping at people.  It's really loud.

Noelle's bed was against a window and it was really drafty - she often had to climb in with Natalie in the middle of the night because she was too cold - so we took advantage of an evening when swim practice was cancelled, and rearranged their room.

Natalie's half

Noelle's half

Pretending to be asleep....

 To be continued...

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