Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Motherlode

The twins love anything pointy. They play with carrots. They play with pencils. They steal all the toothbrushes from the bathroom, and we find them days later behind couches and under chair cushions. The forks from our silverware drawer have a nasty habit of disappearing.

Saturday we had a party at our house. I usually don't keep paper plates or plastic utensils in the house, because the kids will waste them (nah, not MY kids) use them liberally, but this time I was so busy I just couldn't face three dishwasher loads of dirty dishes.

Result: I bought piles of paper products and a mega pack of heavy duty plastic flatware.

Flash forward to Sunday afternoon. I am still dealing with the aftermath of the party. I thought the twins were watching a video, but when I walked into the living room, I found this instead. Busted!

Noelle gets the spoons, Natalie gets the forks.

And by the way, I hadn't gotten around to vacuuming the carpet yet. Don't judge.


  1. oh that's a scream. my daughter loves pointy things too. like those zycam sticks (unopened) that you put in your nose. I keep them in a box and she opens them up and makes shapes out of them: diamonds, squares, triangles. under my supervision of course. I don't leave her alone with medication ! :) Little ones will et into anything!

  2. Love it! Boyd is the same way. He loves anything pointy. He loves pens and markers, forks and knives and spoons.

    ....and I won't judge on the carpet. :) I know the feeling!