Sunday, April 11, 2010

On Location

Looking through my list of blog posts, there were several in there that I had drafted but never published. Back in the first week of November, we took a trip to the Florida panhandle, escaping the onset of winter for one golden week. We had the beach and the gulf to ourselves.

Total freedom
Bonfire on the beach - one of my husband's longtime dreams
My sons re-enacted the Normandy invasion. It was fine until I fell into a shell hole.

Natalie's favorite pastime: covering herself with wet drizzled sand

The twins received more baths in one week than in their entire lifetimes combined.
Cable tv - the highlight of any respectable beach house.

Seriously, are there really people who would take their chances in there?!?!?


Clare & Noelle

Conor & Natalie

One of the many glorious sunsets

Horseback riding on the beach (no, that is not me)

Kayaking in the gulf

We discovered it was less expensive to buy fishing gear than to rent it.

At first we didn't have any luck. Conor was actually the first one to catch anything.

Brian finally succeeded in snagging a whiting, although he didn't get any keepers. Oh well.
Life is good, anyway.


And finally... I know that the ocean is full of living things. It's just that at the NJ shore, where we usually go, the extent of wildlife is the hordes of noisy gulls and the occasional dead horseshoe crab. Wading in the gulf with real. actual. live. fish. and real. actual. live. crabs was an indescribable wonder for me. Once I learned what to look for, the crabs were everywhere. Our mission (well, mine, anyway) became to gather as many of the crabs as possible.
Witness the fruits:


  1. Oh my, those are some great beach shots! I especially like the one of the girls running away from the camera and of Noelle sitting in the sand. Both my husband and I really want to take a trip to the Florida keys some day. Your pictures look just how I envision the beaches there!

  2. what a awesome vacation you all had. the scenery is beautiful -- the sunsets, the clouds, the white beaches with little footprints in the sand, the waves. and your children are the little diamonds speckling all the photos. love the ones of you and hubby too.

  3. I missed your post here!

    I love the FL panhandle. Your pictures are WONDERFUL! I'm glad you had a good trip. My husband lived in Pensacola for several years... the mohawk pics. I will show them to Boyd! :))