Thursday, June 9, 2011

Regina & D'Artagnan

We're getting ready for another Texas road trip, so we took the RV for a test drive today for a shakedown.  To kill a few birds at the same time, we also went to visit Grandma, and took our new kitty with us so they could meet.

Regina loves to drive in the car, and she loves the kitty.  He wasn't so crazy about the ride, and he handled her "love" patiently.  She pulled at his fur, his lips, his ears, and even once grabbed his little paw and began chewing on it.  Eww.  But he didn't cry once, and didn't try to get away.

He did realize, however, that if he curled up around her feet, then he was relatively safe.  He stayed there for the rest of the trip - a warm, fuzzy footrest.

My kitty.  Mine.  Gimme, gimme kitty.



  1. Oh, such sweet pictures! :)

    Have fun on your road trip to the best state ever. It's already HOT here!!!

  2. I still have the twins' infant carriers (you know, because I'm going to sell them same day in a garage sale or on craigslist . . . ) and our cat sleeps in one. It's totally a cat bed now. At least there's not a baby still in it ; )