Wednesday, June 1, 2011

We Have Created A Monster

Okay, so you saw Regina's introduction to ice cream the other day.  I don't get it - she never had ice cream before.  How is it that she reacted so enthusiastically when she saw me eating my Peanut Buster Parfait???  How could she have known that it wasn't sweet potatoes or cereal?

So yesterday was Brian's birthday, and it's so hot and humid that turning on the oven and eating a heavy cake wasn't an option.  So I made a light and fluffy and cool dessert, called Eclair Cake, which involves pudding, whipped topping, and a jar of hot fudge sauce.  And we took a slice up to visit with Brian's grandmother, who couldn't attend the party.

She sampled the dessert, but since she isn't much of a pudding person, she sent most of it back home with us.  Regina was strapped in her car seat for the entire visit, having been asleep when we arrived.  When she started to cry, it was time for us to leave.  I placed the plastic tub of dessert on her lap and carried her out, car seat against my hip like a laundry basket.

She didn't make a peep once I started moving, and I assumed that she was falling asleep again.  When we got to the parking lot and it was time to buckle her seat in, this is what I found.

Miss Manual Dexterity 2011


  1. hehehe....she must know good stuff when she sees it! To funny. =]

  2. That is funny! She definitely has a sweet tooth! :)