Friday, June 3, 2011

I Bet You Missed Hearing About The Chickens

When it gets hot out, they laze around like beauty queens with their wing feathers spread wide.

Today Conor found an egg that is literally no bigger than a peanut M&M. 

Clare, Brian & Theresa.  This is most likely the hen that laid the M&M.  This is Scrappy, formerly known as the feral or wild chicken, or the African Game Fowl.  She's getting pretty old; those unusual eggs most often come from immature or older hens.  Nobody else has been able to catch her since we found her in 2009, but Theresa (r) can catch her almost at will.
And finally, check out the huge, hairy spider we saw on the ceiling of the coop.  I had no idea they existed so big around here.  :-(

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