Sunday, September 9, 2012

The World's Awhirl

Tonight we took a quick last-trip-of-the-season to Knoebel's.  We only had an hour and a half before closing time, so there wasn't too much time for rides.  We had to hit our favorites to make it count.

It wasn't too crowded, for once.  Third time on the carousel, the twins snagged outside horses and tried for the brass ring.  They weren't even close, of course, but they were so proud to finally be big enough to try.  

I used to be able to ride anything, but standing next to Regina's horse made me nauseous today.  Blame it on the bifocals - they already make the world bend and swirl under normal circumstances.

I thought the pictures turned out really cool, in a surreal sort of way.

Brian & Regina <3>

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