Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Bucket List.

At the end of June, the girls and I put together a Summer Bucket List, trying to find a bunch of free or low-cost activities that would make for a memorable summer.  Some of the activities we placed on our list are:

- attend the free kids' shows at the mall
- participate in the summer program at the library
- finally use the free passes to Knoebel's pool we won at a Chinese auction three years ago
attend a minor league baseball game (the kids get free tickets through their kids club)
- sew something with Noelle
- make a batch of homemade soap
- go mini-golfing
- visit each of the closest state parks
- see a drive-in movie

I took a blotter calendar and covered my bedroom door with our bucket list and activities.  Little did I know that by putting this list on my bedroom door. Andy would take it as a personal challenge to check off as many of the boxes as possible.

I put "fix the leaky faucet" on there.  Remember, I put the list on the door at the end of June.  By July 6, after more than a year of dripping, he replaced the kitchen faucet. :)  The baseball game was July 19, and it was a great day, but we didn't think to take a camera along.  We've had quite a run of rainy days so far, but he kept an eye on the forecast, took a vacation day, and on the 17th we hit the beach at a state park.  To be continued. . .

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