Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Professional Photo Shoot.

It seems that the circle pictures must be placed by the wayside for the time being.  Not only is it nearly impossible to gather everyone together, but most of them are so tall that we need a HUGE floor space to stage the shot!

Sarah took matters into her own hands and arranged for a photographer to take a portrait while we were all in town for Thanksgiving.  She even scouted out locations and gave us a color scheme to follow.  

Scott (23) and Scarlett (almost 4) 

Brian (20) and Kirsten, 3 days before Maverick was born

Regina, almost 6

Theresa, age 13

Conor, 18

Noelle, almost 10
Natalie, almost 10

Clare, 15

Sarah, 25, with Jeremy and Charlie, their 18 month standard poodle

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