Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Chalk Zone

Sidewalk chalk was one of the girls' prizes at last weekend's family reunion/Easter egg hunt.

Aside from the two-foot-tall chocolate bunnies, the chalk was the hands-down favorite.

This picture is typical of the difference in their hairlines.
Natalie's hair always falls smoothly off the sides of her face.
Noelle's hair is always in her face.

This picture also illustrates the difference in temperament. Natalie is always twinkling and grinning, and Noelle is more serious, almost somber sometimes.

You have chalk on your face. Do I have chalk on my face?


  1. Aww! Gotta love the sidewalk chalk! What a great series of pictures : )

  2. chalk is huge at our house too with my 3 year old. love their faces. they are cute!

  3. Oh, they are SO cute. Sidewalk chalk is a blast. Boyd loves it too!