Thursday, May 6, 2010

OMG Chickens

I posted about our six chicks a little while ago. What I didn't mention is that after doing some web research, I chose two more breeds and ordered 8 more pullets, 4 each of Barred Rocks and Chanteclers, chosen for their gentle temperament and egg production.

We received the email two days ago that our chicks were on the way, and the post office called early this morning to say that we could come pick them up! We quickly got the brooder ready and prepared to head to the post office, but before we could leave, the postman drove around the corner. Since we're early on his route, he decided to do us a favor and bring them out to us!

The box is here! We're so excited!

Wait a minute...that doesn't look like 8 chicks...

Let me check the invoice...what's this? Males included for warmth?
You mean we have 9 females and 15 males?

Baby roosters??? What in the world are we going to do with 15 roosters?

This brings our *little* backyard flock to a total of 30. =8-O

I don't know how I feel about the way they use male chicks as live "packing peanuts." With laying breeds, everybody orders the females, so most male chicks are unwanted. Sometimes the male chicks are dropped into an incinerator as soon as they are sorted by sex.

Just look at this sweet little fluffball.

Incidentally, when we opened the box and started to take the chicks out one by one to dip their beaks in water (dehydration is a big danger during shipping), they started peeping so loudly that the wild chicken was attracted by all the noise. She usually stays away from us and consequently, from the house, but she came right up to the door when she heard the peeping.


  1. look at all those little peepers. well you got your money's worth that's for sure. so sadrling the way they huddle together then the one tries to jump over the others to get some food!

  2. cute! Can't wait to own some myself. =]