Saturday, May 8, 2010

Chicken Ghetto

We still don't have a chicken coop, and we haven't even started to build one. Time is running out. The nights have been warm enough that the first batch of chicks have been outside full time for two weeks, and the new batch of chicks will be inside for another month at least. Until we get a permanent home set up, this is our makeshift substitution:

a Little Tykes Playhouse

an adjustable baby gate

stacks of lumber and firewood
stumps for roosting

an old rabbit hutch and a broom for a perch

and yards and yards of chicken netting.

Sarah calls it the "chicken ghetto."

Welcome to the projects, baby.

It doesn't look that bad in person. The chicks are loving all the room to run and flap, plus there's a rotting stump that is chock full of insects.

You're still ugly. Grow some real feathers.

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